Watch for the Unexpected

February 17, 2018

Some moments in time are unforgettable that leave a lifelong reminder of what’s important. I’ll never forget the day I met the homeless woman counting her pennies.


Where Do You Display Your Christmas Cards?

December 23, 2017


Everybody has their favorite aspects about Christmas. There’s much I enjoy this time of year, but nothing MORE than celebrating friends and displaying their cards on my office doors by my white Santas.  Every time I get one, I jump for joy – Yippee –  and quickly add it to my collage of friendship blessings.  With each card, I’m reminded of several things.  Someone had “me” on their treasured list of people to remember.  Someone wanted “me” to know I was special to them. Someone wanted “me” to recognize that I was worth a 49 cent stamp. And in return, I, too, am reminded of God’s great design in letting our paths not only cross but keep in touch year after year after year.  I LOVE THAT!

So for any of you who sent me a Christmas card, I THANK YOU!  Your friendship means the world to me.

Merry Christmas!

Proverbs 27:9 – A sweet friendship refreshes the soul.


Are you a single mom? I “GET” You!

December 5, 2017

I saw a single mom at church last Sunday. A dear lady. Friend. Professional business woman I respect greatly. We chatted two seconds in the hallway of the ladies rest room (Why is that a good place to bond)? And within seconds, without her saying a word, I saw into her soul and knew that the holidays were a hard time (families everywhere, “single”ness glaring her in the face, with the challenge of meeting her former in-laws for lunch soon for the kids’ sake).  Yet, without her saying a word about any of this, I just knew, and out of my mouth blurted, “I get you. I just get you!” Continue Reading…

The Long-Handled Spoon

November 9, 2017

I had the opportunity to share at an annual holiday event one of my favorite messages called “The Long-Handled Spoon.”  I don’t know why I love this silly little story so much, but I do. It just makes my heart warm.  The story goes like this. Continue Reading…

Frazzled? Join me for this 4 week study!

September 25, 2017

One thing is for sure.. if you’ve been a mother for very long, you KNOW the definition of these words… STRESSED OUT…As a mom, you’ve likely had more than one opportunity JUST TODAY to practice its meaning: you know…drained over the never-ending schedule, unsettled over the well-being of the children, unnerved over your own emotions, feeling deficient and likely overwhelmed. You just feel like your brain has too many tabs open. Amen? Continue Reading…

Three Lessons Learned from the Edmond Dancing with the Stars

September 11, 2017


Have you ever been asked to do something and your first instinct was, “NO WAY!” That happened to me five months ago when Sherry Jordan, President of the Edmond Chamber of Commerce, asked me to be one of their six contestants in the first ever Edmond “Dancing with the Stars” fundraiser on September 7th.  I thought, “WHO ME?” (I could already see the image of me embarrassing myself which made saying NO all the easier.) They wanted to pair these six participants with a professional dance studio for private lessons. Well, I eventually say yes, and I was surprised what I learned. Continue Reading…