January 1st – THE BIG BIG DAY!

December 31, 2015


New Years Eve 2015

Tomorrow, January lst, is my favorite day of the year. It’s the day I get to write in my brand new journal. Hooray! For years it’s been a BIG DEAL for me to pick out my  spiral notebook for the upcoming year. I always select one with a fun cover. Makes me want to write in it.

This journal writing fetish began over 25 years ago when I was a single mom. Somehow with the 365 days in front of me, I found comfort in God’s promise that His mercies would be waiting for me every morning. My life was like one big story book and January lst was the first page.  And though I couldn’t control my circumstances, or my children’s choices, or whether someone liked me, I could control how I would respond to each day. So, I guess to some degree, I could write my own story by the choices I determined beforehand.

So I’ve thought about it. What will I be writing on that first page tomorrow? This I know. I’ll take time to reflect back over the lessons I learned in 2015 and “nail down” truths about God’s faithfulness that I’ll be needing in 2016. I’ll probably write something like this.  Anyone want to give me a high five and an amen?

  • Lord, whatever this year holds, we can get through it together.
  • Lord, whatever this year holds, I will live in a power source greater than myself.
  • Lord, whatever the year holds, I won’t walk it alone.
  • Lord, whatever this year holds, you will give me the strength to rise above it.
  • Lord, whatever this year holds, your goodness, grace, and presence will be more than I need.

 Friend, 2016 is almost here! TOMORROW IS A BIG DAY! Whoo-hoo!  Make it count!

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