Edmond Woman of the Year

January 30, 2016

edmond woman of the year

I woke up the morning of the annual Edmond, Oklahoma, Chamber of Commerce Awards Banquet immensely grateful for the opportunity to be a finalist for the Edmond Woman of the Year. To be among the names of so many noteworthy men and women receiving awards of excellence just left me speechless.  

Yet all I could hear the Lord saying to me that morning was, Pam, this evening is not about YOU.  It is about ME… Me placing my hand upon your head and bringing honor to you for striving to serve me well in this journey called life.

So the morning of the event I wrote in my journal a passage from Psalm 37.  It speaks of where God desires to give credit to our reputation when we commit our way to Him. Verse 6, “And He will bring forth your uprightness as bright as the noonday sun” – but NOT for our glory and advancement but for HIS.  So in my heart,  the evening gala was a special date between God and me as I felt the hand of His favor as a finalist… and nothing more.

That being said, I have NEVER been more stunned than when they announced my name as Edmond Woman of the Year. I was sincerely NOT expecting it! So I walked to the stage in a fog where all I was saying to myself was, Lord, I’m feeling your noonday sun right now, totally overwhelmed at this moment!

With a HUMBLE HEART, I wish to thank the selection committee for this honor. I wish to thank the person who nominated me. I wish to thank the sponsor of the event, Prosperity Bank. I wish to congratulate the Edmond Chamber of Commerce for being accredited in the top 1% of Chambers nationwide. I wish to recognize Jan Perry, the other finalist and the CEO of the YWCA, who is one of the most respected women I know in this entire Oklahoma City/Edmond metroplex in her work with abused women.  And finally,  I wish to thank my God for thrilling this little heart of mine in being associated with so many outstanding individuals.

It is my joy to move forward in 2016 making a difference.  And, indeed, there is no better place to do just that than in this marvelous place I call home –  Edmond, Oklahoma.

To God be the glory, and thank you again.

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