Single Mothers – The BRAVE Ones

November 4, 2017

Sometimes it does my heart good to just spend time with one of our single moms and hear her share. Today Chelsey and her son, Jaylen, blessed my heart. 

We met together to record a short video for our upcoming event on November 17th – Jingle Jangle.  She was going to give a testimony of what the past Arise Ministries’ gatherings have meant to her and her precious son. At the end of the conversation I asked, “Chelsey, you’re a single mom.  What words would you like to speak into the lives of the single mothers watching?” Without any hesitation at all, she shared something that blessed my little soul. She said, “Moms, above all else, you are BRAVE.” Her comment stuck with me all afternoon. Just what does it mean to be a “brave” mother?

Here’s what it means. Look at that picture. She alone is raising that precious little boy sitting at her feet, the youngster who is listening to every word she says. Little does she know that what she is saying is sinking into his heart. Chelsey is BRAVE — a single mother ready to face danger and endure pain for the sake of her son. Chelsey is bold and heroic, as she alone is raising Jaylen under her roof. One day that little guy will rise up and remember all the ways she showed daring courage. One day she will see her little boy transform into a fearless man for Jesus.

I thought I was meeting Chelsey and her son just to put together a little video for “others.” I was wrong. Our time together was for “me,” a reminder of how BRAVE the single mothers are that we at Arise Ministries serve. Thank you, Chelsey! You are my hero and I respect you as “the BRAVE one.”  Keep up the good work, oh valiant warrior!

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