The “Flick-a-Chick” Game – Arise Ministries Aiming High

January 9, 2018

I have to admit. I love this picture. Maybe it’s because who doesn’t get into a good game of “flick a chick”? While on our staff retreat last weekend, we competed. And what’s the point of pulling back the head of a rubber chicken and letting it fly through the air on the count of three?

Of course, the object is to see who can fling the chicken the farthest. It was hilarious to watch. Some of the chickens hit the floor before they even got past our feet while a few of them took off and soared through the air like an eagle.  Success of the chicken was determined by one factor: AIM. Which one of us would look up with precision and release the string with veracity? Sad to say, my chicken lost.

Reminds me of my favorite quote concerning where our aim lies in accomplishing our goals in 2018.  Les Brown said it well, “Most people fail in life not because they aim high and miss but because they aim too low and hit.”

Oops, next time I’m competing in “flick a chick”, I’m aiming high. Practice makes perfect in all ways!

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