2017 National American Mothers of Achievement

April 25, 2017

2017 American Mother National Mothers of Achievement

What a great joy to be a part of American Mother, Inc., a national organization whose history began 82 years ago with leaders Eleanor Roosevelt, Mamie Eisenhower and others.  This amazing nonprofit serves as the founder of Mother’s Day.  Each year they host a national convention where one National Mother of the Year is selected and several NATIONAL Mothers of Achievement receive awards. Today in Washington, DC, the 2017 NATIONAL Mothers of Achievement  were honored. All four of these outstanding women continue to impact thousands of mothers and children. I want you to meet them!

(upper left) – SHARON LAY – UTAH / Sharon created the Utah Early Childhood Education Bill providing extended day kindergarten programs for disadvantaged students. After the bill was passed, she was responsible for the programs implementation across the state. It’s become an academic program effecting thousands of children. She further presented the first-ever Early Childhood Education Summit, enhancing educators and the advancement of their professions.  Congratulations, SHARON LAY.

(upper right) –  ANNA BREWER – NEBRASKA / Anna joined the FBI staff and was later promoted to a Special Agent.  Anna served as an FBI SA for the last 20 years. She managed an Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and a Child Exploitation TF to combat child sex trafficking, child pornography, and abuse. Her career in law enforcement led her to traveling across the US to investigate child abductions. Anna’s work in these areas continues to impact global efforts against children worldwide. Congratulations ANNA BREWER.

(lower left) – SHAWNA WALZ – IDAHO   Shawna launched a Global Women’s Leadership Council that impacts women around the world via mentoring, reverse mentoring, inter-generational dialogues and opportunities for personal growth.  Her main focus is on Idaho babies living in poverty.  She ensures that they have access to reliable supplies and clean diapers. She established Idaho’s first diaper bank and works with state leaders and nonprofits in the distribution of diapers to mothers in need. Over 30,000 diapers are granted monthly to mothers in need with over 400,000 diapers total!  Congratulations, SHAWNA WALZ.

(lower right) – LISE GATES – VERMONT / Lise founded the Luc Gates Foundation which has provided nearly $650,000 to area sports programs, Make-a-Wish Foundation and other camp scholarships for children with cancer. She has assisted countless low income families with housing and donated her time to untold charities and events. Lise purchased Dairy Center Enterprises, a complex of eating, lodging and recreation for the public to enjoy. Through this enterprise, Lise has trained and employed numerous youth, providing them an excellent environment in developing work skills. CONGRATULATIONS, LISE GATES.

Today has been a great day here in Washington, DC, of honoring America’s most outstanding mothers!  Motherhood: it’s a profession that allows us to give and serve in many capacities.  What a special gift to be a mother!



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