A Resurrection Truth that I Love

April 14, 2017

I’ve spent many years reveling in what the resurrection means in my daily life. Most of us don’t doubt the truth of the resurrection, but we live like we doubt that the power of the resurrection is available in our daily lives. We know the story well, but we fail to activate the earthly benefits His death, burial, and resurrection extend to us on a daily basis.

Let me ask you a thought-provoking question (and be real in your answer). “What difference does it make today that in the midst of all life’s troubles that God raised His son, Jesus Christ, from the dead?” I asked myself that same question. “Pam, how does the resurrection of Christ impact what’s current in your world?” In other words, how does it weave a change into my response when I’m overwhelmed or concerned because I’m helpless to fix a situation?

For years I’ve enjoyed the superhero cartoon characters. I love it when a superhero extends his power through his sword to the fallen one who then raises up with renewed focus and robust power. As I read 2 Corinthians 13:4 this morning, my heart leaped for joy. Right there in God’s Word was my own little superhero/resurrection story, and I loved it! Verse 4 jumped all over me. It said that since we’ve been crucified with Christ, the power of God has been extended or directed toward us.

Like me, do you need a booster shot of His risen power that’s both in us and directed toward us – that supernatural provision from the throne of God that grants us instant strength, comfort, or hope? The resurrection of Christ is our umbilical cord to the Father, and in Christ we have all we need for life and godliness.

  • Need courage to press on?
  • Need divine optimism when pessimism feels more natural?
  • Need assistance for the issues of life?

We can call on the risen Lord to raise up and extend His power toward us to persevere. We can call on the risen Lord to raise up and extend His power toward us to not lose heart. We can call on the risen Lord to raise up and extend His power toward us to believe even when don’t see the results…(yet).

What difference does the resurrection of Christ make to us on a daily basis? Friend, no matter what we face, God’s grace promises to abound in our needs. Everything changes when we activate the power that’s already ours and open our receptiveness to receive the power extended toward us. I love the truths of Easter! The image of the risen Christ walking out of His tomb radiating with divine light looks like us when we activate Christ’s resurrected power both in us and directed toward us. Oh, praise the Lord!

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