A Valentine’s Day Special

February 13, 2017


Valentine’s Day. Everywhere we  look we see images of what the world tells us Valentine’s Day is “supposed” to look like – a day complete with a box of yummy Russell Stover’s  or voluminous flowers from someone whose affection is reserved just for “you.” But what if there is no “significant other”? It can be a stinger, indeed, but it doesn’t have to be! I know a secret.

We can leave the lobby of our lower feelings and take the elevator to the upper deck, where Jesus, the lover of our soul awaits our entrance.  WE are the ones He longs to court with His validation.  WE are the ones He hovers over with a craving that beckons us to come.

Come.  I am your Valentine.  I will romance you with My presence.

Come. I am your husband.  I will keep you safe till death do us part.

Come. I am your avenger.  I will fight the battle for you.

Come.  I am your hope.  I will prosper you with a better plan.

Come.  I AM.  And just what do you need?  I AM the solution.

 Yes, consider Jesus! He’s MORE THAN an assortment of rose buds that will eventually wilt, MORE THAN a pink polka-dotted balloon that will shrivel into nothing, MORE THAN a stuffed cupid that will collect dust, MORE THAN a pop-up Valentine card that will eventually end up in the trash, MORE THAN an array of milk chocolates that will do nothing more than grant added pounds. He’s MORE THAN whatever our earthly appetite desires.

I don’t care if we’re married or single. It’s the truth that NO ONE call fill the vacuum in our  empty hearts but Jesus. I love this verse from the Song of Solomon. He’s whispering it ever so tenderly to my own soul:  Pam, you alone make my heart beat fast. Pam, you are altogether beautiful, my darling. Oh, how lovely you are!

Friend, God’s love for us is constant and unconditional.   Never will there be a day that Jesus does not delight over us with singing.  Yes, every day is Valentine’s Day for Him.


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