A Very Special Blessing to Me

September 14, 2016


Divorce is yucky!  For any of you that have been through one, you know that it’s terribly painful and its consequences seem to outnumber the stars. Yet, through mine, God blessed me with a most precious relationship…my stepdaughter –AMBER MORGAN. Now, I won’t tell you her age (I want her to still like me after this post)… but trust me, she’s still a young chicken in my books – yet a very WISE young chicken at that.

She’s living proof to me that God is REAL! I’ve witnessed her struggles over the years as a child of divorce, yet through them all,  I’ve watched how her love for Jesus has grown.  Even in the hard times, she has not lost her faith in Christ nor her genuine love for her family. She’s one of the most beautiful “birthday girls” I know, and I am very very proud of this young woman of God!  Amber: she’s sincere – humble – genuine – thankful – sensitive – and hungry for more of Jesus. What would I do without my Amber?

I’m praying that today she feels how much she is ADORED!

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