Are you a single mom? I “GET” You!

December 5, 2017

I saw a single mom at church last Sunday. A dear lady. Friend. Professional business woman I respect greatly. We chatted two seconds in the hallway of the ladies rest room (Why is that a good place to bond)? And within seconds, without her saying a word, I saw into her soul and knew that the holidays were a hard time (families everywhere, “single”ness glaring her in the face, with the challenge of meeting her former in-laws for lunch soon for the kids’ sake).  Yet, without her saying a word about any of this, I just knew, and out of my mouth blurted, “I get you. I just get you!”

It feels good when someone GETS YOU. Doesn’t it? Makes you feel like you’re not abnormal or weird. Friend, no matter what you’re facing this holiday as a single mother, I GET YOU. I’ve been there whether this is a wonderful season for you and your children or a challenging one. Christmas has a way of magnifying our highs and lows, and not just for single moms, but for everyone!

However, as a follower of Christ, “this” season is purposeful. This I’ve learned with this thing called “Life.” We rarely learn the deeper truths about our Savior as our comforter, provider, sustainer, the One who comes alongside, outside the channel of hardship or discouragement.  Yet, I might also add (praise the Lord) that these times are temporary.  It’s a fact we all know: nothing stays the same. Next year (if the Lord wills), your life situation might look totally different whether it be for the better or worse. What attribute of our precious Savior will He have embedded in our hearts that we’ll carry a lifetime as a result of “this” Christmas?

So the question remains: Will we embrace the NOW and let Jesus and His Holy Spirit fill the barren places? Will we say, Lord, teach me about you in the midst of this. Show me what it feels like to have a peace that surpasses all understanding. Open your Word and sooth my discomfort. Let me find a new meaning of JOY that has nothing to do with my situation, relationships (or lack thereof) or bank account. Show me what it looks like to experience YOU as my strength and song.

Friend, do you know what? Even if you marry one day and start another family, Jesus will still be the only one who can fill every void and disappointment you can’t fix. So NOW, this holiday, is a great time to “put your challenge” to work and practice what a relationship with Christ looks like. Through Jesus, you are an overcomer in ways you never dreamed.

I have you on my heart this day. Yes, I GET YOU!  And I might add: I believe in you, too.


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