Are You an Emotional Pack Rat?

September 12, 2016

When you first look at this little fella, you might think, “He’s a cute tiny thing.” But I bet not one of us would want to open our garage door and see him dash under our car! Anyone that knows me, knows I hate mice. My husband knows it, too. I remember the time he trapped a pack rat and hung it on a string and let the grandkids surprise me, dangling it in front of my face as a joke for Grammy. They got a kick out of it, but I still have emotional problems because of it.

Pack rats – they’re nothing but a disgusting pest. Don’t you agree? They have rat-like long tails, large ears and glaring black eyes. They’re HOARDERS – of the worse kind – accumulating mounds of sticks to build their nests. And they especially love shiny things – saving unnecessary debris of every kind. Need I repeat – they’re a nuisance!

But guess what? I’m a pack rat, too. I do the same thing. I collect all kinds of unwanted emotions – one by one – in an effort to build my emotional nest. I’m an expert at feverously burying my own debris: anger, regret, an unforgiving spirit. I’m a collector of the worse kind. And I don’t like it!

Friend, I’m so excited.  I launched an online seven week Bible study on unpacking these unsolicited emotions that stifle our well-being and growth in Christ.  Each week I’ve highlighted one of them in a 10 minute video with follow-up reflection questions for deeper study. If you’re a pack rat too, I’d love for you to join me! And though the study is geared with examples that will especially relate to the single mom, it’s a study for every woman out there that breathes.  It’s called Lighten Up: Unpacking Heavy Emotions. We’ll examine King David. He was a concoction of emotions like none other! We’ll glance at how he struggled with shock, guilt, loneliness and more and discover how to turn from our emotional poverty to God’s prosperity.

God is on the move. Hope you and your group will check it out.  It’s time to roll up our sleeves, clean out the emotional clutter and  unpack. I can’t wait!

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