Are You Plagued with the Victim Mentality?

October 20, 2014

Pam Kanaly answers the question,
“I feel like a victim. How do I break out of it?”

I remember when I was a single mom a good friend of mine (Debbie Veale) said to me one day, “Pam, quit seeing yourself as a victim. YOU ARE NOT! God is at work.”

Friend, she was right. I was not a victim and neither are you. And even though you might come from a “victim mentality” family, it is NOT inherited. It’s a choice to view God and yourself from His perspective. You are not powerless. You are not a martyr. To live in that mentality immobilizes you in effectively handling the present and it makes you allergic to the positive. So take these steps and break out of it.

  1. Take responsibility for yourself. Set boundaries to keep hurtful people away from you.
  2. Do not blame yourself. Blaming oneself only reinforces powerlessness.
  3. Redefine your relationships. Put a distance between you and the people who are toxic.

God is not finished with your story. It’s time to “get on with it.” You are the sum of your thoughts so stop seeing yourself as a casualty, an injured person, an object of misfortune. You are an overcomer, a survivor. God promises the unfolding of His plan for the VICTOR.

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