Get Excited!  It’s Coming Soon!

November 8, 2015

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There’s something invigorating about the anticipation of new surprises coming down the pike, and something FANTASTIC is coming to Arise Ministries soon: the installation of more REMARKABLE videos on the education center pertaining to single mom topics.

I loved this weekend. Hooray! All day Friday and Saturday we partnered with many TERRIFIC single-parent experts and professionals from multiple organizations and nonprofits in videotaping snippets of questions that single moms want to know!

  • How NOT to be a screaming mama (Ha!)
  • How to deal with a child who’s broken your heart (Ouch!)
  • How to go back to school and get your education (Is that possible?)
  • How to resurrect lost dreams (Aw, yes, please tell!)
  • How can I keep my children well during the winter months? (I don’t like doctor bills!)
  • How to answer the question, “Are my kids going to turn out ok?” (Goodness, help me say YES to this one!)
  • And MORE – MORE – MORE!

Aren’t these topics totally terrific? Oh, and the best yet! What a joy to have interviewed Dr. Jim Talley, a well-known counselor and author of best-selling books. He talked much about dating pitfalls. WOW! Yes, 25 QUESTIONS we asked him. This guy KNOWS HIS STUFF!

So get excited. It’s coming soon! And also, we can’t forget to thank our wonderful videographer – Weston Waugh with Stout Multimedia – who drove to Dallas Friday after the taping and was back in OKC on Saturday morning at 9:00am for the next round of taping. Whew! And we can’t leave out our staff project manager, CAITLIN KELLEY, who conducted all the scheduling and made the green room totally adorable (complete with real chocolate-shaped spoons to stir our coffee – Yum yum!)

So thank you Jesus for all these ASTOUNDING partners with Arise Ministries.

Friends, we’ll keep you informed as they’re published. In the meanwhile, join our team.  Yes! Throw up your heels, hoot and holler, and shout with glee, “Woo-hoo. To God be the glory!”


(Check out our online education center – EQUIP –  HERE!)

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