Guilty or Not Guilty

April 29, 2013

A single mom asked me the question, “The children and I are developing a relatively good life. Should I feel guilty that their dad is not a part of it?”

Friend, be glad that your home’s gaining strength in the Lord, but never forget to speak well of your former husband whether he’s still living or has passed on.

Then celebrate the victories you’re discovering in your home:

  • Establishing a sense of honesty and trust that’s providing a safe haven for everyone
  • Discovering confidence that the Lord will protect and provide for your needs
  • Taking time to laugh and not take everything so seriously
  • Reminding the children that their family is not broken. It’s just structured differently than others.
  • Maintaining levels of effort and reward. It teaches the children responsibility

Above all, find “faith food” for yourself. When you feed the Scriptures into your own spirit, faith comes alive and becomes a living force within you. You need thatLiving Force – the Holy Spirit -doing what He does best; setting the pace in your heart and home.


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