How’s Your Confidence Level?

March 29, 2015

Needing a little boost in feeling good about yourself?  Sometimes it’s nice to be reminded of the obvious.

1. Know that you are fully and completely loved by God. Because He accepts you unconditionally, you can stand self-assured in His sufficiency.

2. Be positive. Try to focus on your skills and talents as much as possible. Don’t dwell on your weaknesses.

3. Don’t compare. God’s given you unique gifts and talents especially for you. Don’t compare your lack to other people’s strength.

4. Build trust through communication. When talking to someone, use their name. Ask open ended questions that do not end with just a yes or a no. Engage the other person in conversation.

5. Act confident. You can be self-assured by practicing the presence of God within you. Remember you are not alone. He is with you, in you. Let Him shine through you. Others will be drawn to His extravagance in you.

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