Is the Money Tank Running on Fumes this Christmas?

December 1, 2015

low on cash

I read this on a post by David Jeremiah.

A poor man, father of three beautiful daughters, had no money to provide for their marriages or their futures. Hearing this, Saint Nicholas secretly put a bag of gold in the daughters’ stockings, which were hanging by the fireplace to dry overnight. Upon rising, the family was overjoyed. Ever since, children have hung up stockings on Christmas Eve in hopes of a visit from Saint Nicholas.

That’s the closest we can come to the origin of Christmas stockings. Regardless of the origin of the practice, one thing is evident: Christmas stockings can only hold small gifts. Indeed, what would fit in a child’s stocking was the extent of the earliest Christmas gifts from parents to children. And therein is the lesson: It’s the little things that matter most at Christmas. Jesus Himself revealed the true meaning of value when He commended a widow in Jerusalem for putting two pennies into the Temple treasury.

As you plan your Christmas giving this year, keep “value” in mind. Gifts (whether big or small) wrapped in Christmas love are the most valuable of all.

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