Jesus – The ANCHOR That Holds

January 4, 2016

In 5th grade I prepared an encyclopedia report with a friend about the value of a ship’s anchor. I remember the assignment because I tried to draw this monstrous piece of metal with its hooks contending with the rocks.

A new year is here. And if you’re like me, we have disquieting questions concerning what this year might hold. All we have to do is turn on the news and feel a surge of unsettledness:What about the economy?

  • Will Isis target my community?
  • Are my children or grandchildren going to be ok?

And perhaps others grapple over these issues:

  • How am I going to pay the rent?
  • How will I ever get over the heartbreak of this situation?
  • How do I move forward when my faith feels faint?

We all ponder, What kind of waters will my ship’s soul sail into this year? What weather conditions loom on God’s nautical calendar concerning my job or the well-being of my family, children and future?

It’s easy to enter the New Year focusing on how our ship will likely drift into uncertain territory. It can make us feel afraid. Yet, we can be a wise sailor and prepare beforehand an evacuation plan by accessing the audacious strength of our anchor. After all, it ALONE is the submerged secret of keeping our ship from wandering off to sea.

Hebrews 6:18-19 unveils our underwater anchor. Oh, how I love its provision, especially when I personalize its message:

And this is the assurance Pam has for the New Year, that Jesus Christ, the anchor of her soul, is the One who guarantees safety to the other side. For He alone remains steadfast, assuring Pam that she will not breakdown under the strain. For indeed, Jesus, her ANCHOR, has already entered God’s throne room as Pam’s forerunner, setting up a permanent post that she might gain free access into God’s presence, peace, and provision – a hiding place from the tempests.

I love it! Never has there been a more welcomed New Year’s verse than this one. It gives us the courage to move forward bringing tremendous comfort.

  • Never will we find ourselves abandoned at sea without a navigator.
  • Never will we find ourselves lying on the ocean floor of permanent defeat without a rescuer.
  • Never will we find ourselves submerged beneath the seabed of worries without a captain to pull us out.
  • Never will we find ourselves on a faraway island without a rescue boat.
  • Never will we find ourselves forced to drink the seawater of unwanted emotions without the One who gives fresh life.

Friend, our New Year’s hope is this: though we might feel shipwrecked at times, suffer from a bout of sea sickness or feel swallowed-up by momentary whitecaps, our anchor – JESUS CHRIST – holds.

YES, no matter what we face in this New Year – OUR ANCHOR HOLDS!


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