Leap with Vigor into 2015

January 6, 2015

Before I share what’s on my heart, I want to take this time in my very first email devotional for the New Year and thank you for being a part of my circle of friends. This is the eighth year I’ve been sending out a monthly word of encouragement. With more than 4000 women on the email roster, including married women, single moms, and ladies never married, I find it a humbling honor each month to barge into your busy day and deposit a message of hope. It’s always been my prayer before I click “send,” that you’ll receive a snippet from Heaven that empowers your journey to the throne.

As we glance on the upcoming possibilities in 2015, what’s on your calendar?  A child graduating? A job change? A new transition as a widow or single again woman? One thing is for sure; none of us knows what the future holds, but we do know WHO holds the future.  I don’t know about you, but that gives me glorious comfort.

But just knowing who holds the upcoming 365 days is not enough if we desire to experience God’s highest and best. We must join Him where He’s at work by doing one thing. David spelled it out well in Psalm 37:5 – COMMIT your way to the Lord.

What does it mean to commit? For me, it’s is a deliberate act. It’s an obligation of faith – to roll over my life course onto God’s shoulder. It’s a mission statement that declares beforehand that God is able to see me through whatever comes down the 2015 pike.  It’s a declaration that my days won’t be defined by my circumstances but by belief in my Father’s faithfulness.  It’s an awareness that my greatest challenge on a day to day basis will be trusting in the promises of God that I KNOW instead of the circumstances of life that I SEE.  It’s to commit my family to Him.  My fears to Him. My personal ministry to Him.

Just like some churches dedicate their newborn babies to the Lord, have you dedicated your newborn year to Him?  I’ve been waiting to do that in this email devotional in hopes that you would join me.

Dear Father, this moment we’re asking you to make our 2015 plans succeed according to your will. Work mightily in our children’s lives. Increase our faith. Prepare us for the upcoming highs and lows that will test our confidence in you. Remind us that dependence on you begins when our self-reliance ends.  Grant us hope with the promise in Psalm 37:5 – “Commit your way to the Lord.  Trust in Him, and HE WILL DO IT.”  Thank you, Lord, for your watchful care.  But most of all, thank you for that “HE WILL DO IT” part. Amen

God bless, dear friend! And to God be the glory as we allow Him to fling us into the New Year adventures of faith.


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