Lesson I Learned in Filming EMERGE 2

October 14, 2016


One of the greatest blessings I have in life is doing ministry with so many wonderful women. Just last night Arise Ministries finished filming the second DVD series called EMERGE – Life Lessons for Single Moms. And something dawned on me after I got home from the taping.

I often take for granted the blessings whirling all around me! It’s so easy to get caught up in our own world, our own family saga, and our own list of “to do’s” that it’s easy to have on blinders concerning God’s favor that abounds in our very midst. Amen? Somehow, I don’t feel I’m alone in this.

Yet, here I was the last two weeks, surrounded by America’s greatest speakers to single mothers in filming this series, not to mention our wonderful volunteers and the precious women who served as our audience, and I failed to STOP in amazement at this momentous happening where God was showing off Himself.  I just needed to click pause and BE AMAZED!  Yes, God gives us 84,600 seconds a day; seems like it’d be lovely if I could take a few of those and simple observe my surroundings and say, “Wow, God. I’m humbled you’re letting me be a part of this moment.”

So please, let me take this time to say, “Thank you, Lord, for what you did in getting EMERGE 2 filmed.”  And also, let me thank others.

  • Thank you to the donor who provided the funding for this expensive endeavor.
  • Thank you to the filming crew.
  • Thank you to Henderson Hills Baptist Church, Beth McClain, and the childcare workers.
  • Thank you to Sara Maulsby for being our volunteer coordinator and her team.
  • And thank you to our OUTSTANDING speakers for the words of wisdom they shared:

          Kim Heinecke – Parenting is an act of Worship

          Kenya Ulmer – Self Worth and the Danger of Dishonorable Soul Ties

          Chiquita Nolan – Jesus, my Husband

          Shelley Pulliam – Contentment as a Single Adult

          Linda Ranson Jacobs – My Home is not Broken

          Stacy Johnson – Mom it Out… 5 Tips in Wise Living

          Kris Swiatocho – Loneliness

          Pam Kanaly – Personalizing your Bible

Friends, all I can say is… To God be the glory for this INCREDIBLE set. I just know thousands of single moms around the world will benefit from these efforts.

So what’s next? Onward we go to “the next thing.” Yes, indeed, with our eyes wide open to praising God in it!

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