Listening is More Than Listening

September 24, 2014

Do you ever want to jump right in there while you’re talking to your child and tell him or her exactly what to do? How hard is it to listen without sharing your opinion or experience?

I have a friend, Coach Chuck. And though he’s a communication expert on leadership with businesses, his latest advice could certainly apply to mothers. He shares that though it is hard to do, it is extremely important to first listen to the other person in order to understand. Active listening is the ability to let the other person know you understand them by restating their message. So, be purposeful in acknowledging the content and the feelings of the speaker. Good communication involves listening attentively without interruption and then paraphrasing what was heard.

That makes perfect sense to me. After all, don’t you like it when you are clearly understood when you’re pouring your heart out to someone?

About “Coach Chuck” – Interpersonal communication and leadership expert Chuck Quarles of Dallas, Texas, uses targeted executive coaching to help many top CEOs and other senior management stretch their productivity to keep pace with the increasing demands of delivering ever greater profit, often from reduced resources.

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