My Beloved Cousin, Rusty – A Special Tribute

May 28, 2015

rusty 2

Life is precious.  We often forget that truth in the hubbub of our comings and goings.  But then we lose someone ever so precious to us,  and suddenly we remember the value of relationships and those we love.

My wonderful cousin, RUSTY ABELL, passed away just yesterday – May 27th.  I already miss him. Today I’m reminiscing and wanting one last conversation with him:


Do you remember when Melba Sue got married and you and I were in her wedding as the flower girl and ring bearer? (see above picture).  Weren’t  we precious?

Do you remember when we sat on the steps at your parents’ house on Christmas morning waiting to run into your living room and see what Santa had brought us?

Do you remember when we left grooves in Mamo’s and Dado’s carpet with our toy trucks?

Do you remember when we played tag in the HUGE lake house at Padre Island while our parents went deep sea fishing?

Do you remember when you came to see me after I became a single mother and you wanted to check and see if I was ok?

Do you remember when we reconnected on Facebook 3 years ago after we had gone almost 20 years without keeping in touch very well?

Do you remember when you came to Melba Sue’s funeral and Pat, you and I stayed up late and talked?

Do you remember this last October picking me up in Lubbock and showing me the Texas Tech campus? (Oh, you were such a devoted Texas Tech Red Raider!)

Do you remember all the Facebook messages you’ve sent me lately saying, “Hey, cuz.  I’m proud of you”?

I remember them all and 100’s more!

Friends, we would all agree that there was NOONE like RUSTY ABELL.  He was feisty, warm-hearted, a lover of family, and a successful business man.  Everyone around the country knew RUSTY ABELL.  He made us all proud to know and be loved by him.  With Rusty, we always knew where he stood on issues.  Amen?

My dearest beloved cuz, you will surely be missed.  I’m keeping the memories ever so dear and promise to keep close to my heart Sue, the girls, little Sterling, and all those that you cherished. You loved life and it loved you right back!

I will FOREVER ADORE you in my heart.


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