My Heart about Giving

November 25, 2013

I used to feel weird when I asked people to financially give to Arise Ministries. For some reason it made me squirm.  It was much easier to ask for their time or prayers.   However, I don’t feel that way anymore. In fact, I love to ask for financial support and here’s why.

  1. Giving to Arise Ministries blesses God. God owns a thousand cattle on the hill and if He wanted us to have all the money in the world to run our programs, He’d fill up our bank account tomorrow without any participation on our part. But the Word says that God loves a joyful giver. When we give to an organization with a happy heart, we invest in the spiritual harvest of others and that pleases God. It’s kind of the way we feel as parents when we see our children gladly giving their hard-earned finances to needy families. Like God, that’s what we love, too.  God loves a cheerful giver.
  2. Giving to Arise Ministries blesses the giver. I get excited when someone gives to Arise Ministries because I know the benefits they are going to receive: regular reports from us showing how their investment is impacting single parent homes, along with prayer coverage from our prayer team that meets weekly. Over the years, our team has sent hundreds of cards when we’ve heard of an illness or personal concern. We’re family – The Arise Ministries Family. I often tell people, (whether they give a dime or not) – If you want to see God at work, look into Arise.  Friends, seeing how the Father works is totally thrilling! I love for our donors to witness His presence as it builds their own faith.
  3. Giving to Arise Ministries blesses single mothers and their children. We’ve been blessed to share God’s love with over ten thousand single moms and children over the last twelve years. Statistics are alarming concerning the rise of single mothers raising children alone.  Thirty-six percent of Oklahoma households are led by a single mom. Nationally the stats aren’t much different.  With seventy-one percent of high school dropouts and sixty-three percent of youth suicides coming from fatherless homes, the need has never been greater to come alongside single moms with encouragement and support from God’s Word. Arise Ministries is making a difference!
  4. Giving to Arise Ministries blesses our team. Running a nonprofit ministry can be discouraging some days. We have an enemy who’s at work.  Then, we’ll hear from a single mom and how Arise Ministries is changing the dynamics of her parenting, or we’ll receive a donation, Keep up the good work. These words go a long way in supporting our efforts.  Our budget in 2002 was $11,000 and today it is $425,000. With an increase of single moms comes an increase in our financial need.  The field is ripe unto harvest, but the laborers are few. When you give, you enable the laborers – it’s a team effort.  I used to think when I was asked to give to an organization – If I can’t give a significant amount, I won’t give at all. Wrong thinking!  Every $25 donation matters, all of them so valuable in prospering an organization.

So with that being said, I have NO problem asking you to give a year-end donation to your favorite charity or ministry. And IF it’s Arise Ministries and IF this is a giving season for you, I have NO problem saying thank you –  knowing that you don’t give to Arise but through Arise.

Bless you, friend, and to God be the glory.

Thank you for your online donation.

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