One Precious Little Girl at Survive ‘N’ Thrive

June 27, 2016


Every year after the conference my mind swims for DAYS of the stories of all our moms. Year after year I’ve witnessed hundreds of moms come to the conference, much like a caterpillar, who are now emerging into full-fledged butterflies: taking on their own beauty, soaring in the possibilities of raising children alone,  and loving the glorious opportunities of being a single mother. But my favorite part is getting to see their children and the joy on their faces for getting to come to Survive ‘N’ Thrive once again.

One mom of ours, Jennifer Morales, came to us six years ago, wondering how she would adjust to the difficulties and challenges of being a single mom. With her love wrapped around her two precious girls, Joey seven years old and Kyrie three – she struggled to grasp what her new single motherhood life would look like, especially not knowing a soul at that big ol’ conference.

This year Jennifer returned once again – her girls now thirteen and nine.  What a thrill to see Jennifer invest the BEST of HER into the BEST of THEM. She surprises me every year with her precious life and goodness. This year she showed up at the conference where she had cut up one of my stick figure pillowcases and made a shirt out of it for Kyrie.  It was the most precious sight EVER! We all had a fit over it!

Thank you, Jennifer, for letting God use you to bless so many of us. You’re a superhero! And YES, the legacy is YOU! What a game changer!

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