My Daddy Moon – July 4, 1995

July 2, 2017


       This Was My Daddy –             George “Moon” Martin

My daddy inherited a nickname when he was playing football at Texas Tech University.  His coach called him “Moon” because his face was more round than his helmet. So he went from George to Moon in the matter of one day of practice.  But here’s what I remember about him. Continue Reading…

My Alarming Findings about Social Media  

June 12, 2017

Recently I spoke at a baccalaureate at a Christian school. When asked to be the speaker, I thought, “I’d love to, but what do you tell high school seniors while sprinkling spiritual tidbits on top?” Someone suggested that it might be helpful to read this book as I considered my topic: Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age – by Sherry Turkle. I took the advice, and not only did it jumpstart my thinking about today’s young people, but it whet my appetite for gaining a clearer understanding of today’s world of technology. I found the information from her book and other sites on the Internet alarming. Let me share a few statistics.

  • 92% of children under the age of 2 already have “digital shadows” (that is, learning to hold digital devices).
  • 1 in 5 divorces blame Facebook for its cause.
  • 18% of social media users can’t go even a few hours without checking Instagram, Twitter, or other sites.

So what’s so harmful about all that? My studies revealed these problems:

  • Isolation tendencies. People walk around in their own little worlds.
  • Lack of social skills. People find face-to-face conversation difficult.
  • Warped sense of reality. People see only the BEST of others – (Everyone is a rock star! Right?)
  • Additional stress. People feel the subconscious demand to stay “connected”.

So what did the researchers suggest in slowing down this tsunami of social media frenzy that can’t be reversed? UNPLUG! Yes, it sounds so obvious. It’s a simple—albeit quite difficult for some—fix to this alluring addiction. Yet what would happen if we chose to unplug more frequently and be present in this life? What if we chose to be more present while enjoying relationships with conversation? What if we chose to be more present by communing with God through reading His Word, meditation, and prayer?

If ever a woman needed to unplug from the busyness of life, it’s a single mom. Amen? That’s why Arise Ministries reinvented Survive ‘N’ Thrive to a fabulous one day event – Survive ‘N’ Thrive Unplugged – a full day overflowing with relevant topics, laughter, and an opportunity for God to refresh the soul. With 12 speakers sharing only 15 minutes each (much like TED Talks), every single mom is certain to be rebooted for her single mom journey. Here’s a sampling of the topics for the day:

  • Accepting What Is
  • Be Your Child’s Best Parent not Their Best Friend
  • Beyond Bitterness
  • Balancing Work and Home
  • Prayer POWER

And to top it off, we have Charlie Hall leading us in worship. It’s going to be the BEST yet! The truth is, friend, whether we’re single or married, God wants to invigorate our walk with Him by enabling us to unplug from the chaos of the world and unburden the weights that we carry around (you know, those encumbrances we never mention on Facebook!)

So hooray for the upcoming Survive ‘N’ Thrive Unplugged event on June 24 in OKC. Yes, stay off all the social media sites for a while…but wait… before you do, can you stay on your sites ONE MORE MINUTE and spread the word about Unplugged? (ha!)

Check out Unplugged info HERE! Registration ends this Friday, June 16th. Can’t wait!

Mothers & the Messes They Make

May 10, 2017

Motherhood is a unique profession, and one fraught with more blessings and trials than any other job I could imagine. In all my years of experience, I’ve never met a perfect mom. Even the ones I’ve greatly admired were far from perfect. So if you’re like me and have made a few mistakes along your mothering journey, then lean back and take heart as we learn from a few moms of the Bible. Continue Reading…

6 Ways Prayer Becomes REAL in my Daily Experience

May 4, 2017

Sometimes we can get discouraged because after we’ve prayed and prayed and prayed about something and it’s not answered the way we had hoped, we give up on it. Yet, over the years I’ve discovered 6 benefits of prayer that directly impact my day, my thoughts, my emotions. Today is National Day of Prayer. What a perfect time to share my favorites, all taken from my book, The Single Mom and Her Rollercoaster Emotions. Of the six, which one is your favorite? Continue Reading…

2017 National American Mothers of Achievement

April 25, 2017

2017 American Mother National Mothers of Achievement

What a great joy to be a part of American Mother, Inc., a national organization whose history began 82 years ago with leaders Eleanor Roosevelt, Mamie Eisenhower and others.  This amazing nonprofit serves as the founder of Mother’s Day.  Each year they host a national convention where one National Mother of the Year is selected and several NATIONAL Mothers of Achievement receive awards. Today in Washington, DC, the 2017 NATIONAL Mothers of Achievement  were honored. All four of these outstanding women continue to impact thousands of mothers and children. I want you to meet them! Continue Reading…

A Resurrection Truth that I Love

April 14, 2017

I’ve spent many years reveling in what the resurrection means in my daily life. Most of us don’t doubt the truth of the resurrection, but we live like we doubt that the power of the resurrection is available in our daily lives. We know the story well, but we fail to activate the earthly benefits His death, burial, and resurrection extend to us on a daily basis. Continue Reading…

Congratulations, Anita Webb – 2017 Oklahoma Mother of the Year

April 10, 2017


Every year the national organization of American Mothers ®  – the official sponsor of Mother’s Day –  highlights one state winner from each state as the Mother of the Year with all the state winners attending the national conference in April for the crowning of the National Mother of the Year. Oklahoma is proud to announce this year’s 2017 Oklahoma Mother of the Year – Anita Webb. And what a great choice! Continue Reading…

A Valentine’s Day Special

February 13, 2017


Valentine’s Day. Everywhere we  look we see images of what the world tells us Valentine’s Day is “supposed” to look like – a day complete with a box of yummy Russell Stover’s  or voluminous flowers from someone whose affection is reserved just for “you.” But what if there is no “significant other”? It can be a stinger, indeed, but it doesn’t have to be! I know a secret. Continue Reading…

My New 2017 Journal Talked to Me While on the Shelf

December 30, 2016

Over the years journaling has been a life-changing practice of mine.  In fact, every late December I set out to find the perfect spiral notebook. In the last five years, manufactures must have had me in mind because now I can buy a spiral notebook with a fancy design on the front cover. Woo hoo!

Continue Reading…

What’s Your Christmas Fluff?

December 15, 2016

Every year our hearts are turned toward the Christmas story and its flavorful characters. You know: Mary, Joseph, Gabriel and the shepherds. I love to examine them because in each one I identify with their responses to the birth of Jesus. Yet one, in particular, seems to resonate with me every year. Maybe it’s because this season demands so much of me in running my household smoothly. (Or… is that even possible?) Whatever the case, it’s the innkeeper that stings my heart. Remember that fella? He was preoccupied with all the “fluff” and, therefore, completely missed the miracle that God had descended onto planet Earth, camouflaged in the skin of a newborn.  Continue Reading…