Pam’s Stress Relievers for Single Moms

November 3, 2014

Need to put a new twist on how to bring stress under control?  Sometimes relaxing a bit and seeing life in a fresh light lifts the load.  Try these. You might feel a sense of relief.

  1. Be intentional with tension you can’t control. Do something just for fun and laugh for a bit. For example, purposefully drive in the slow lane and watch everyone passing by in a hurry.  You’ll love waving at everyone.
  2. Be kind to yourself. Throw away the bat. Quit beating yourself up over things you can’t redo, rechoose or relive. Hard core baseball is not the best sport for girls.
  3. Be smart.  Don’t be thin in the wrong places.  Quit skimping on “me” time. At least once a week, do something for just you.
  4. Be wise with your words.  Consider – “No.”  Don’t give in to your child’s every whim.  Saying no teaches them restraint. You can be their friend after they marry.
  5. Be quick on your feet. Quit running.  Face your fears. When you keep your strain on the inside, it surfaces in the most destructive ways.
  6. Be open to support. The Bible says, “Where there is no guidance, the people fall.  But in the abundance of counselors, there is victory.” Proverbs 11:14
  7. Be mindful. Don’t borrow other people’s stress.  You have enough of your own.
  8. Be more relaxed. You can only do what you can do. Some things will remain undone. That’s ok.
  9. Be positive. What are you passing on to your kids? Yipes! They’ll grow up like you.
  10. Be insightful. Why worry all night?  Give it to God.  He’ll be up all night anyway.

Sometimes it’s the small things that shrink the stress factor; don’t you think?

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