Single Mom, Do You Need Refreshment?

May 23, 2014

While traveling on an airplane recently, the stewardess preformed a demonstration on how to apply the oxygen mask so one could “breath in” sustaining life. It made me think, Gee, single parents need God to drop an oxygen mask, as well.  They need to “breathe in” some of the Father’s wisdom.  So here’s the question: If God dropped the mask, would you grab ahold of its life-giving air?

Friend, He HAS dropped the mask – His Word – an apparatus filled to the brim with wise counsel and advice, like this:  TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.

But I know what you’re thinking; I don’t have time to think about me. I’m too busy helping little Charlie with his homework and taking Susie to piano lessons. To think about ‘my’ needs is totally out of the question. And besides, if I did entertain thoughts of “me time,” I’d feel guilty. 

As a former single parent, I learned that if I didn’t put “me” time on my “to do” list, I’d burn out. It was up to me to schedule time to exercise, time to pamper myself, time to endulge in a special treat: a bubble bath, a movie, a manicure. Doing something for myself was every bit as important as taking care of my kids. If I didn’t get “oxygen” for my own mental fortitude, then I’d lack the fuel needed to think straight, model well, and keep my emotions in check. Dan Marrow, senior psychotherapist and supervisor of Holy Spirit Health Systems, said it well: “It’s not selfish to plan for things you enjoy. In fact, it’s the smartest thing you can do for your family. A refreshed mom equals a refreshed household.”

So how are you planning your pampering party? I can tell you right now that the greatest way you can “bless yourself” is to attend the Oklahoma statewide single mothers’ conference,  Survive ‘N’ Thrive Conference – June 20-21. I can guarantee this: you’ll leave emotionally and spiritually lighter than when you came. You’ll receive fresh vigor to continue your single-parent role with grace and charm.

So, woo hoo – what you are waiting for, dear mom? Register today. Childcare deadline is June 13th! God’s dropping His oxygen mask. Grab ahold while it’s still in reach!

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