Three Lessons Learned from the Edmond Dancing with the Stars

September 11, 2017


Have you ever been asked to do something and your first instinct was, “NO WAY!” That happened to me five months ago when Sherry Jordan, President of the Edmond Chamber of Commerce, asked me to be one of their six contestants in the first ever Edmond “Dancing with the Stars” fundraiser on September 7th.  I thought, “WHO ME?” (I could already see the image of me embarrassing myself which made saying NO all the easier.) They wanted to pair these six participants with a professional dance studio for private lessons. Well, I eventually say yes, and I was surprised what I learned.

As is true with most scenarios, when we step outside our comfort zone, something happens. And, indeed, something DID happen. I took away three valuable nuggets from that entire experience.  First, I learned that I need to laugh more. My dance instructor, Leon, was a professional in every way.  He probably enjoyed watching me laugh at myself more times than I can count!  After my lessons I came home pooped but strangely refreshed. It’s true that laughter is great for our wellness, and sometimes we just need to put ourselves in situations where our little hearts can genuinely experience the lighter side of life. Amen? Yes, God’s Word confirms, “Laughter is good for the soul.”

Second, I learned the satisfaction of serving your community. We’ve all been given gifts and talents to support the well being of others. This evening of dancing was a fundraiser for one of the greatest chambers in the country. They do so much good work for the citizens of Edmond. Sometimes we get so involved in our own circumference of work that the idea of giving back to our local community falls on the lower end of our “to do” list.

And third, I learned that life is full of surprises. I was not expecting what happened the night of the competition. My heart was filled – just filled to the brim – with so much JOY. I don’t know why; it just was. I found joy in celebrating the new friends I made with Dance Makers Studio. I found joy in getting to know the other contenders.  I found joy in believing that my silly routine (a reenactment of a bank robbery) would bring pleasure to the audience. And last but not least,  I found joy in feeling God’s presence throughout the entire evening. I somehow figured He might be giggling right along with me.

So the next time you’re asked to do something that seems ridiculous, don’t say no too quickly.  You might rob yourself of a handful of blessings!


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