What Will You Do with Valentine’s Day?

February 9, 2016

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. I must be honest. It used to be my favorite day. As a child, I adored decorating my 3th grade Valentine’s box in Mrs. Skagg’s class. Then I went through a season where it was my least favorite day of the year. As a single mom it was nothing more than a reminder that I was the only teacher in the school building that didn’t have flowers in the office from her significant other. Even the students coming into my 7th grade English class noticed my undecorated desk, “Hey, Mrs. Scarbrough (my name back then). Who loves you?” All I could say was, “I hope you do. Write me a love message before the hour’s over, and I’ll give you extra credit on your next book report.”

Now, umpteen years later, I celebrate this little Red Heart Mania Day in a new way. What a sublime opportunity to shift the focus from me to others. After all, Valentine’s Day is about LOVE – showing appreciation and honor to one another: family, friends, co-workers. It’s about adding value to someone else. It’s just LIVING LOVE out loud. In fact, that’s the Arise Ministries hashtag for this week – a challenge to intentionally – on purpose #Livelove!

As for me, I’m diving into the challenge. I’m thinking of all the people that I count dear to me. You are one of them! (So consider this devotional my #Livelove Valentine. J) I’m considering others I cherish, too, like those who have taken time to invest in my journey called life.

So what can you do to #livelove for the rest of the week?

  • Call someone: You’re the best.
  • Text someone: I’m thanking God for you today.
  • Surprise someone with a treat on their front porch: Here’s a reminder: I love you.

Or here’s one last Valentine suggestion. Give yourself a Valentine surprise. Buy a mini box of candied hearts and consider the inscriptions as a message to you from Jesus – the One who loves you the most. I tried that just this morning, and look what He said to me:

  • You and Me
  • Tweet Me
  • Be mine.
  • BFF (best friends forever)
  • Marry Me.

Marry ME? It made me laugh. Oh, yes, one day I actually WILL – (Revelation 19:6). Such simple little treats to eat, but wonderful reminders that Jesus loves me.

So here we are – Valentine’s Day 2016. Friend, #Livelove – and be someone’s Valentine Day surprise.

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