Who is This Person Living under my Skin?

October 9, 2015



Everyone has a story. As for me, I lived a fairy tale life until I turned 35. I grew up in a small West Texas town with a loving family (even though my only sister Vicki got mad at me because I wouldn’t style her hair before school.) I thought I knew myself pretty well. I was a hula dancer as a toddler, a cheerleader as a teenager, and a wife as a young adult. Then it all came crashing down ten years into the marriage. I found myself divorced. Who was “this person” living in my once familiar skin?

And so began my journey in discovering something even MORE significant – NOT who was I, but who was HE? In the course of my quest in knowing God, I learned this:  I can never discover the “real me” until I first discover the “real Him”.

Finally, the big day arrived when I was challenged with this endeavor, “Pam, it’s time for the real you – the God-empowered you – to stand up, get out of that chair, and live out your victory in Christ.” And so I wrote the book and Bible study – Will the Real Me Please Stand Up – listing 100 “I AM Blessings” (such as I am Forgiven; I am attended by Angels; I am God’s Delight, and 97 more.)

I’m totally overjoyed that a church near me in Norman, OK, is taking the study right now. Last week I had the privilege of delivering 30 books to them with a message of encouragement concerning both their self-worth and God-worth.

I’ve accepted their invitation to make another personal visit in ten weeks at the end of their odyssey into the “real me.” It’s a truth worth celebrating: It’s for freedom that Christ set us free. Galatians 5:1

Click here to find out more about Will the Real Me Please Stand Up and how it can bless your small group.

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