Why Pray?

May 5, 2016


 When I was in fifth grade, Mrs. Price was my teacher.  I remember a few of us girls preforming a rendition of America the Beautiful to our peers.  My little tears almost ran down my cheeks while trying to harmonize well.  It’s amazing that a ten year old could feel such passion for the red, white, and blue, but I DID!

Nothing has changed.  I still get goose bumps when I hear that song, but something in me doesn’t feel like an innocent West Texas school girl anymore. Now as an adult, I have concerns about my beautiful America. With the rise of an unstable economy and a tumultuous upcoming election, I ask God, “What’s happening in this country, and what can I do about it?”

Then I was reminded of this fact. Did you know that one of the most lethal fighter aircrafts is the F-22, whose agility flies well over 60,000 feet?  Did you know that the most fatal bomb of mass destruction is the Ivan, carrying 50 million metric tons of TNT?  And did you know that the most deadly weapon is the HARP, able to hit any target world-wide?  Yet, all these combined do not compare with this weapon: PRAYER.  It’s the most potent force on planet earth today, and God invites us to use it!

I wonder. How would our prayers look differently if we really believed they were packed with enough TNT to enforce God’s will on earth?  What if we believed that our prayers were like the HARP, hitting its target every time?  What if we saw our petitions as weapons of mass destruction, able to tear down strongholds that grip us, our children, communities, and leaders?

Perhaps we’ve lost the wonder of where our prayers originate. Perhaps we’ve lost the focus of where they ascend. Perhaps we’ve lost the image of that Mighty Fortress where God resides, that impenetrable citadel that serves as the control station of our petitions to God. Perhaps we’ve forgotten that Daniel’s heart of prayer shut the lion’s mouth and David’s heart of prayer defeated Goliath.

Friend, our prayers matter!

  • “One” prayer moves God’s heart.
  • “One” prayer makes a difference in our deepest concern.
  • “One” prayer steers a thought, a child, a nation.
  • “One” prayer empowers a President, heals the sick, changes a heart.
  • “One” prayer imposes catastrophic pressure on this universe.

             BUT we must use this weapon for it to be detonated.

Today is National Day of Prayer. We can’t waste our “one!” – or two or three or four!  A person we know or a nation we love might be depending on it.

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